It all started with my marriage proposal in Thailand, more precisely on Tuesday January 28th, 2020. The date is important: 2 months later we fell in love with our venue in the South of France, just one day before lockdown #1. This is when I created “ConfiWedding” Instagram account: the confidences of a bride stucked in Paris and organizing her wedding remotely. A mix of organization advice & good vibes around the world of weddings in which I truly recognized myself! From ConfiWedding to Oui en Provence, there is only one step: when you know sun, wind, rain, and hail in the same day of your civil marriage, I can tell that you are ready for any contingencies!

A return to my roots

I am Caroline. After graduating from a High Business School, I spent more than 10 years in Paris in several Marketing Groups…until 2021! An intensive year with the organization of my wedding in Provence remotely, where I originally come from.


With an international background and the organization of various events in the past, I started this entrepreneurship adventure to focus on what I am the best at: listening, giving advice and helping in organization – always with joy and good vibes!

My role, my mission

  • Listening to you
  • Helping you with complete peace of mind from the start of the preparations until D-Day to make your wedding a special day that suits you
  • Bringing my expertise as well as a network of carefully selected service providers

« Caroline is sunny, dynamic and she has a keen eye for detail »

And my Linkedin recommendations can confirm it!


I got my wedding planner diploma at École de Formation aux Métiers du Mariage (EFMM), recognized by the State

And I am proud to have recently joined the training team in Marketing & Communication of EFMM in Aix-en-Provence

I am also an ASSOCEM member, gathering key players in the organization of weddings in France, and became ASSOCEM Responsible for Provence team (with more than 12 persons in the team :))

Macaron membres 2024 OUI EN PROVENCE


I am proud to be part of the winners of ZIWA 2022 in Wedding Planner category !



They speak about Oui en Provence…

Oui en Provence Wedding Planner featured-on Un Beau Jour 100x100


I had the chance to take part to You and Me Festival in Aix-en-Provence in November 2022